A downloadable demo for Windows

This is the demo version of The Blitzkrieg: Weapons of War

This version contains 3 free levels for you to play. If you enjoy the game and would like to experience more of The Blitzkrieg: Weapons of War, please consider purchasing the full game!

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The Blitzkrieg: Weapons of War is a tough-as-nails tower defence game from Loui Studios. Complete with a built-in level creator,  so you can create and share levels with other players!

You defend the motherland from invading convoys of tanks, cars, and jeeps while enemy aircraft bomb vital buildings. Utilise an arsenal of flamethrowers, high-explosive cannons, artillery, machine guns, missile launchers, AA turrets, pill-box bunkers, and experimental tesla weaponry to survive the blitzkrieg.

Each level is a tightly woven puzzle of turret placement, optimisation, and upgrades. Careful strategy is the key to your survival.


Like our music? The soundtrack is available for listening on YouTube and SoundCloud. You can also download it in a high-quality format -right here on Itch!


Loui Eriksson
[ Code, Textures, Models, Sound Design ]

Jun Jie Poon
[ Turret Artwork, Logo, Desktop Icon ]

Steven Bell
[ Composer - Blitzkrieg OST ]

Subhadeep Jasu
[ Consultancy - UI & UX ]


The creator mode is available for players to use in the demo build, but please note that user levels cannot be saved in the demo. This feature is unlocked in the full version of the game.


Copyright © Loui Eriksson (2019)
All rights reserved.

If you suffer from photosensitive epilepsy or are unsure, please consult a medical professional before playing this game. This product contains bright lights, patterns, and effects that may cause discomfort and / or seizures for those with photosensitive conditions. Discretion is advised.

This download entitles you to a free copy of the The Blitzkrieg: Weapons of War Demo for personal use. You may not redistribute this software in any form, including as packaged or compiled within other digital software. You may not use this application or it's assets for commercial purposes without explicit permission from the owner. The digital items provided in this download are provided "as is", and the owner accepts no liability for any damages (however unlikely) caused by this download or use of the items contained within.

Install instructions


Download and run the setup file provided and follow any instructions given.
This game requires 64-bit Windows and DirectX 11 to play.


BlitzkriegDemoSetup.exe 63 MB


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As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!


Wow! Amazing! Thank you so much! <3